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Peverell Brothers Crochet Graphghan Pattern

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Peverell Brothers Crochet Graphghan Pattern

In The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the author presented his own version of the origin of the Hallows. Hundreds of years ago, the three Peverell brothers were travelling at twilight, and reached a river too dangerous to cross. The three brothers, being trained in the magical arts, simply waved their wands and created a bridge across the river. They were then stopped by Death himself, who felt cheated that they had gotten across the river, as most travellers drowned in it.

Death, a cunning liar, then pretended to congratulate them on being clever enough to evade him, and offered each of them a powerful magical item. The first brother, Antioch Peverell, wished to have the most powerful wand out of his combative personality; Death broke a branch off a nearby elder tree and created for him the Elder Wand, a wand more powerful than any other in existence. The second brother, Cadmus Peverell, out of arrogance, wanted to humiliate Death even further, and wished to have the power to bring loved ones from the grave; Death then took a stone from the riverbed and created for him the Resurrection Stone, a stone capable of bringing the dead back to the living world. The third brother, Ignotus Peverell, who was a humble man, did not trust Death and asked to go on from the river without being followed by Death; Death then gave him his own Cloak of Invisibility, an invisibility cloak that never lost its power through curses or age. In time, the brothers went their separate ways.

The three legendary objects, (the cloak, the wand and the stone) together made up the Deathly Hallows.

Single Crochet
Queen Size
340 x 240 Stitches 
4 Colors
Includes Recommended Yarns
Graph & Full Written Instructions & Color Coded Blocks
Single File Digital Download

The final stitch count is provided. The instructions are for right handed but if you're left handed you can read the rows backwards or add an extra row at the beginning of each panel so row 1 in the pattern will be your row 2, row 2 will be your row 3 etc.

The finished size of the graphghan will vary depending on the hook size and yarn. The finished size of the graphghan will vary depending on the hook size and yarn. The size is estimated for a queen size blanket with an average 4sc per 1 inch gauge.
This listing is for pattern only- not a finished graphghan. Pattern Copyright ©2021 Geeky Graphghans

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