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Crochet Graphghan Heaven

We believe in magic. We have epic adventures once upon a time and in galaxies far, far away. We do wibbley wobbley timey wimey stuff while boldly going where no man has gone before. We know that the answer to everything is 42 and that the odds are ever in our favour. We do cosplay and passion and always aim to misbehave. We don't care what others think. We do Geeky Graphghans

  • New Patterns

    The latest and greatest; all new graphghan patterns from designers 'The Wooly Duck' & 'The Graphalo'.
    New patterns added every week.

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  • Inspired By Music

    A collection of graphghan patterns inspired by music. From Bob Marley to Ziggy Stardust and everything in between. Discover your new favorite here.

    View Music Graphghans 
  • Inspired by Pets

    A unique collection of graphghans inspired by your beloved fur babies. Featuring crazy cats and dopey dogs and much, much more.

    View Pet Graphghans 
  • Bad Bunny Collection

    Dark humor with a kawaii twist.

    Bad Bunny & friends invite for a look at the world from their viewpoint.

    View Bad Bunny Collection 
  • Inspired By Movies

    Graphghans patterns inspired by our favorite movies and tv shows. From silver screen dreams to graphghan patterns, if its geeky and a graphghan its here

    View Movie & TV Graphghans 
  • Inspired by Sherlock

    Inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective, from the classic novels to Cumberbatch and Freeman to Elementary, RDJ and beyond.

    View Sherlock Graphghans 
  • Inspired By Dragons

    Creatures of legend and myth, dragons have inspired storytelling and art for thousands of years. Browe our collection of dragon graphghans.

    View Dragon Graphghans 
  • Cross Stitch Patterns

    If it's geek and a graphghan, it can be a cross stitch pattern too. Explore our unique collection of cross stitch patterns available to download.

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