Getting to know you...

Getting to know you...

With so few guys designing graphghans; one of the questions I get asked most is 

“How did you get in to this?”

Not many of you will know that I'm actually married to our other designer Joanna AKA The Wooly Duck.

For every geeky design suggestion I had for her, there was never enough time; the response was “why don't you make it?” So I took the plunge and asked her how. The learning was... torturous. Not for me I had great fun but for my poor wife had to put up with my endless questions and critiquing patterns until the were good enough to sell.

At last I was ready to launch my store on Etsy; I had the patterns ready but all I needed was a name for my store. I probably tried out about 50 different idea, mostly centered around the word 'graph' as that 's what I'd be making. In the end the answer fit perfectly; I'd probably read The Gruffalo to our kids a thousand times, its one of about a dozen stories I can reel off by rote (yes including the voices).... and so The Graphalo was born. God I love a bad pun (sad but true).

Since launching the store I've indulged more and more my nerdy, geeky side. With Joanna alongside me, we took the plunge and launched our own site this April and was born. 
And as I tell her (oh so often); the best is yet to come....

John Michael,
June 2019


Its a mix of the two Danni

The Graphalo

I live to find out a bit about designers and loved ready this, thank you for sharing, I often wondered if it was something to do with the gruffalo or if it was because you’re a “graph fello” (fella) thanks for clearing it up. 👍

danni h

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