Birthday Week II

Birthday Week II

WOW... What a year that was???
Where do we even start, right? So while the world doubled down on getting crazier, we doubled down on what we do; bringing more patterns and more fun shenanigans to take your minds off the world's weirdness and back on to what matters - the people you care about. 

Geeky Graphghans Birthday Week 2

This year we've made some amazing new friends for which we will forever be thankful, and our little Geeky Graphghans community has grown beyond our wildest expectations. You'll never know how good it makes us feel to see so many people taking part in our Birthday Week games over the last couple of days, and we're really grateful for all the warm wishes and support you've shown for our little business. It really means the world to us.

The next year has so much to look forward to. We've just finished the first part of a site rebuild that will start to bring even more exciting things your  way, we've also started to put together a few helpful tips to make your graphghan projects easier to manage too - check out our other blogs posts for some helpful hints. Over the next few week's we'll be sharing our latest handmade project, taking you through every step of making a photoghan in an ongoing blog; and hopefully inspiring some of you to challenge your skills and give it a try too.

If you're new to making graphghans and you're unsure about taking the plunge and buying a pattern, you're welcome to try out one of the free patterns available on the website. If you need any help, just reach out to us and you'll find a helping hand. 

If it's still Birthday Week and you're reading this - head on over to our Facebook page and come get involved in some fun! Games are still running until midnight. If you missed the games, sign up to our mailing list here for more games, special offers and more

Until next time - onwards and upwards!

Joanna & John

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Happy Birthday!!!!! i love your dedication to this wonderful world of yarn magic! i am so grateful that i get to be a part of your crochet family! i wish you both continued success with your business and with your passion to create gorgeous patterns for us to play with! xoxo

linda (sylvie stewey) bourre

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