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Ruth Connell Crochet Graphghan Pattern

Ruth Connell Crochet Graphghan Pattern

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Ruth Connell Crochet Graphghan Pattern

Throw Size
180 x 250 Stitches
6 Colors
Includes Recommended Yarns
Graph & Full Written Instructions & Color Coded Blocks
Single File Digital Download

From the TV show Supernatural. Rowena, played by Ruth Connell, is an extremely powerful natural-born witch, originally from Scotland in the 17th century (or possibly earlier). Before Rowena became a witch she was a peasant and the daughter of a tanner in Canisbay, who had an affair with a man above her social class. Once her son Fergus was born in 1661, the man abandoned the two and went back to his rich wife and her grand house. Her son Fergus Roderick MacLeod, would father Gavin MacLeod and go on to become known as the demon Crowley.

Rowena would flee her village and abandon an eight year old Fergus after she was charged with practicing witchcraft. Rowena then studied under the great Milanese witch Leticia D’Albioni and joined the Grand Coven. The Grand Coven were critical of Rowena having a child with a "non-magic", but they were willing to overlook this because of the great talent she possessed.

Rowena was expelled from the Grand Coven because her magic was considered too extreme; one spell she created was the Defigere Et Depurgare, which was used to vanquish demons. Rowena's "unpleasantness" with the Grand Coven would ultimately lead to her being hexed by the coven with a binding spell that restrained her magic, as well as being banned from performing magic, taking on students, or forming her own coven.

In 2014, 300 years later, Rowena resurfaced to reclaim her lost power base. After being captured by Crowley, she made several attempts to use him for her own ends. Crowley was aware of Rowena's manipulations, yet captured the head of the Grand Coven, Olivette, for her. Under torture by Rowena, Olivette revealed the Grand Coven was much-diminished in its power because of a concerted campaign against witches by the Men of Letters.

Rowena was initially antagonistic towards the Winchesters as she saw Crowley's relationship with them as diminishing his power. The Winchesters often called on her help with magic, and Rowena assisted when she saw a benefit for herself. Over time, she became an ally in their battles, albeit motivated by the benefit she saw for herself in helping them. Rowena had a particular bond with Sam -- they were both tortured by Lucifer, they saw his true face, and share the struggle of living with that experience.

In 2018, Rowena began killing people and their reapers to get Death's attention, as she blamed herself for Crowley's death and the path that her abandonment led him down in life. During this, the reaper Jessica reveals that in the book Death keeps on her, it is written that she will die by the hands of Sam Winchester. While Billie refused to bring Crowley back, the experience ended with Rowena deciding that working for the greater good will serve as her redemption for her past actions. She subsequently aided the Winchesters in their efforts to return to Apocalypse World and on occasions when they needed her expertise on a situation or case.

In 2019, after the release of the Hell Ghosts upon the world, Rowena chose to sacrifice herself to save the world by using her own body to imprison all of the souls and demons and cast them back into Hell. At Rowena's request, and with great reluctance, Sam was indeed the one who fatally stabbed Rowena. Everyone around her watched as she imprisoned the damned souls into her body and fell through the fissure into Hell as it closed.

When the Winchesters and Castiel return to Hell in search of Michael, they discover that Rowena's soul took up the empty position of Queen of Hell. Retaining her old personality and her humanity, Rowena aids the Winchesters once again in the fight against God and even urges Dean and Castiel to mend their broken relationship.

The final stitch count is provided. The instructions are for right handed but if you're left handed you can read the rows backwards or add an extra row at the beginning of each panel so row 1 in the pattern will be your row 2, row 2 will be your row 3 etc.

The finished size of the graphghan will vary depending on the hook size and yarn. The finished size of the graphghan will vary depending on the hook size and yarn. The size is estimated for a queen size blanket with an average 4sc per 1 inch gauge.
This listing is for pattern only- not a finished graphghan. Pattern Copyright ©2021 Geeky Graphghans

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