mark of cain crochet graphghan pattern

Mark of Cain Crochet Graphghan Pattern SC 180x260

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From The Graphalo - Fandom and pop culture crochet and knitting patterns perfect for everyone from absolute beginners to experts.

The Mark of Cain Crochet Graphghan Pattern

From the TV show Supernatural. The Mark of Cain, or simply The Mark for short, was the seal created in order to lock away The Darkness. God gave the Mark to Lucifer, who in turn passed it onto Cain to use as the source of The First Blade's power. It is one half of the weapon that Cain used against the rest of the Knights of Hell. Cain later copied the Mark onto Dean, so that the hunter could kill Abaddon. It was removed from its final bearer when Rowena cast a spell from the Book of the Damned, but unknowingly released The Darkness upon the Earth.

Because of its origin, dating back to before God's creation of the Universe, the Mark of Cain has often been referred to as the first curse.

Single Crochet
Throw Size
180 x 260 Stitches
Two Colors
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