Doctor Who/ Matt Smith Crochet Graphghan Pattern SC 170 x 250

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**Congratulations - you've found the first step on the Murder Mystery Game. Read on to play**

It is 1893 and I have arrived in London; a city of smoke and darkness and above all, crime....

All of the city lies in shock as the famous biographer of 'the great detective' lies at my feet. Poisoned by an unknown source. Clasped in his hand, a torn sheet of paper with one letter marked on it. Congratulations. You've found your first clue: The letter Y

Who is our victim? Follow the clue to continue your investigation



Welcome to The Graphalo - Fandom and pop culture crochet and knitting patterns perfect for everyone from absolute beginners to experts.

This graphgan, features a silhouette portrait of Matt Smith as Doctor Who.

Single file digital download
Four colors
Single crochet
170 x 250 stitches.
The pattern comes with written line by line instructions. The final stitch count is provided. The instructions are for right handed but if you're left handed you can read the rows backwards or add an extra row at the beginning of each panel so row 1 in the pattern will be your row 2, row 2 will be your row 3 etc.
The finished size of the graphghan will vary depending on the hook size and yarn.
This listing is for pattern only- not a finished graphghan.

Pattern by @TheGraphalo

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