Project Documentary: Making of a Photoghan

Project Documentary: Making of a Photoghan

Today, I'm really excited for an upcoming project.

I've decided to document a photoghan project from start to finish so that I can take you through each of the steps; give you some ideas and guidance and hopefully leave you feeling inspired to take the next step and begin your own project. So if you every wanted to know how to make a photoghan - you're in the right place.


My yarn arrived today so I can really get to work. I'm a big fan of Paintbox and Stylecraft yarns from Love Crafts which blend together really well and wash very nicely. Between the two brands there's a really good greyscale palette that really lends itself to photoghans. I've spent so much at Love Crafts that last year John and I decided to take the plunge and became affiliates for the brand. This means that if people order through our recommendation link – we get a little bit back from Love Crafts. Since we've been recommending them for the last two years anyway, it seemed like the sensible move. You can check out the yarns here: and you can can even get a little Geeky Graphghans discount at Love Crafts if you use promo code GEEKY10.


But first things first I'm going to get my desk area set up and ready.

Preparing my desk for a photoghan

Above my yarn you can see my new bobbin rack (and oh boy that's a lot of bobbins to prep – but I'm a girl scout in that regard!). This is custom made by a very handy friend of mine (thanks Big Kev!) with a hinged table that allows me to tilt the rack, making it easier to pull the yarn.

Preparing a photoghan

And to the right you can see the project that I'm going to be working on. This is a photo of our children that I've turned in to a pattern. This is something that I've been doing for about four years now. It started when I began making a photoghan of the children for my mother in law, that progressed in crocheting a couple of photoghans as commissioned pieces. When I began sharing photos of the finished work; I had a lot of requests to design just the patterns for people to crochet themselves. And now four years later, this is the bulk of what I do for a living; creating custom photoghans from treasured photographs for people to make themselves. You can see some of the results here: If you're interested in having a pattern made, please get in touch here:


I'll be adding more to the blog as I get to work on this project so please do keep checking back for more.

Thanks for reading!

Joanna 'The Wooly Duck'

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So how do you turn your work? I’m just going to start, but mines a single crochet, where I have to turn my work after every row.


So very excited for this💜

Ffoenix Rae

I’m thrilled you are blogging about the journey of a photoghan ❤️. Reading this documentary will reinforce my knowledge on how to crochet these beautiful patterns, and I’m hoping to gain tidbits on how to improve my skills. Thank you for sharing 🌹


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