New Wonder Woman Update

New Wonder Woman Update

Hi Everyone!

Time for another quick update on my Wonder Woman graphghan. Its been going great but trying to juggle this in between other projects, designing and homeschooling our 3 little ones has been a little challenging (preaching to the converted - I know we're all in the same boat there) so I probably won't finish in time for Independence Day which was the original plan - but nevermind. Onwards and upwards as John says.

 Here we are are row 140.

Wonder Woman Graphghan

I'm making this to try and help raise funds for Lotus House Women's Shelter in Miami, FL. I know it might seem odd for the two of us to be supporting something halfway across the world; but a lot of of customers are based in the USA, and John's day job has strong links with the Miami area...including some volunteers for Lotus House which is how we came to know them.

Lotus House provides a sanctuary for over 500 women and children who would otherwise be homeless. They provide counseling and therapy, live skills and education to help these families heal and grow, to become who they were meant to be. Lotus House works to break the cycle of childhood abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. But the pandemic of the last year has taken an horrific toll on donations of all kinds. Not just money but the everyday gifts that helped them to thrive.

If you can help out with a donation (even a dollar can help change lives), then please visit the fundraising page here: 

Well that's it from me today - I'm off to write up some custom work and then hopefully fit in a couple of rows before bed.

Night all!



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