How the Who.....

How the Who.....

Hi and welcome to Doctor Who Week at Geeky Graphghans.

Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about how the heck 'Who' became such a big of my life.

The short version? Its my husbands fault (when is it not?). When I first started crocheting again as an adult, it was mainly at night once the babies had been put to bed for the night. Having bought a set of hooks and some yarn and with the help of YouTube tutorials my adventure with crocheting has begun.

Hats, scarves. booties, dresses - yup done them and loved making them but...when I first saw a photo of a crocheted picture- my whole crochet world has changed.

My very first graphghan was a photoghan, a portrait of my youngest daughter. I made it for my Mother in law, later on finishing two more pictures of my other children to be joined into a big blanket. 

I love designing patterns from photos and the harder they are to get right, the more I love and appreciate it.  Designing them for others was a natural process for me and while mostly heartbreaking stories are behind each photo, it gives me a sense of purpose , to help people keep the memories of their loved ones for a little longer.

Mostly those quiet evening of crocheting were sat beside my husband while he watched whatever geeky indulgence had taken his fancy at the time. Little did I know he was quietly converting me! Doctor Who was a childhood favorite of his and so was often on - and often repeated! Soon I grew to know and like the episodes, then suddenly one day it dawned on me. I was hooked!!!

When I finally made the effort to carve out a little time to test my graphghan skills and craft my own unique throw that was just for me - only one thing would do; a Doctor Who photoghan blanket.

Jone Pertwee

Stitch by stitch, one by one they've been emerging over time (not that I have much of that right now!). From the the first....

William Hartnell

To the fifth (so far...),

Peter Davidson

... stitch by stitch, Doctor by Doctor...

... and the truth is; the same as it is really for many of us. That I've simply too many projects on the go, too much designing to do and too much being Mom to finish this as fast as I'd like to. But I'm loving this project and can't wait to show you all, block by block as each Doctor emerges. But until then I'll keep collecting 'Classic Who' DVDs, because what else would I be watching while I'm making?

Allons-y everyone!

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This is amazing!!! I have recently started watching from Hartnell and I’m very excited 🤣


Still love them!!


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Absolutely fantastic work, cannot wait to see it finished in all its glory. I’m off to order some patterns now!! Just wondered if I could pay by PayPal??

Sharon Roberts

Oh Joanna, what a lovely story😍 and of course, it’s ALWAYS the husbands fault 😅🤫
can’t wait to see the “Doctor Gang” completed . Your work is absolutely fantastic 🤩


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