Give some, get more

Give some, get more

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So I told you that today would be the big reveal on my next project and here it is. For the next four weeks we're raising money for the Lotus House Foundation in Miami.

Lotus House provides a sanctuary for over 500 women and children who would otherwise be homeless. They provide counseling and therapy, live skills and education to help these families heal and grow, to become who they were meant to be. Lotus House works to break the cycle of childhood abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. But the pandemic of the last year has taken an horrific toll on donations of all kinds. Not just money but the everyday gifts that helped them to thrive.
They need your support in this. I need your support in this.

The last year has been unimaginable for all of us. The losses we've suffered, the heartache we've had to bear has been almost more than we can carry. But we survived, together. And we will come back stronger than ever, together. 

But what about those who started with nothing?

Together with my husband we're trying to help Lotus House to raise funds. The money you donate will help purchase critical supplies like food, bedding and babies' nappies. Simple basic necessities that these women women need. 

These women need our help.

If you have ten dollars to spare - share it. If you have just one dollar you could give, then trust me, these women need it more.  And if you have nothing then share this appeal;. Someone you know can help, someone you know will help. And I hope they do, because these women need it more and more every day. So please, join with me; click here to donate today.

Give more, get more.

Every one of you who donates will receive a free copy of our exclusive Wonder Woman graphghan pattern. All you need to do is comment on the donation page and share it on Facebook. Be a Wonder Woman, donate today.


Wonder Woman Crochet Graphghan Pattern

What else can you do?

You can also help by providing basic essential supplies like:

  • Bras in all sizes, neutral colors
  • Dreft hypoallergenic baby detergent
  • 30+ gallon black garbage bags
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • White standard towels
  • Standard pillows
  • White twin bed sheet sets
  • White hand towels

Send them directly to
Lotus House
217 NW 15th Street
Overtown, Miami, Florida 33136

What else is going on?

We're also providing the women of Lotus House with crochet and knitting starter kits. Not only will this help teach valuable life skills, and provide a source of comfort and relaxation for the ladies there; but it also offers a pathway to financial independence.

I suffered from devastating post-natal depression after the birth of my children and nothing the doctors could offer me, not therapy nor medicine could help. I turned to crochet, which my grandmother taught me as a child, as a creative outlet to help me. I began with making booties and other clothes for my children and then began to gift things as my confidence grew. Over the last ten years, what started out as a hobby to help deal with my emotional state is now a full time business; one with me firmly in control of my own destiny. 

I would like these women and children to have that same pathway open to them.
Crocheting, knitting, whatever they choose to learn. At the very least, let's help them to feel the joy we've all felt when we give something we hand with our own hands.

 Stay tuned for more...

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