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Sure, you know your SC from your C2C; but did you know this... The crochet community is home to the weird and the wonderful (we but ourselves firmly in both) as well as the pragmatic and practical. Test your crochet knowledge with our quiz!
1. How did crochet literally save lives during the 1800s?
2. How big is the largest ever crochet blanket?
3. What is yarn bombing?
4. What is the official phrase for a person who crochets?
5. Where does the term crochet come from?
6. What do these people all have in common - Bette Davis, Aretha Franklin, U.S. President James Buchanan, George Washington Carver & Tom Daley?
7. Who is the fastest recorded crochet artist?
8. When is the earliest known printed crochet pattern?
9. What are Knitted Knockers?
10. Why was Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere know as the mother of crochet?
1. Irish people would make crochet items to sell to gain the money to emigrate during the potato famine.
2. 120,00 square feet
3. Yarn bombing (which is basically yarn graffiti) is a fun and expressive was for knitters and crocheters to display their work in public places.
4. The correct term is crochetier.
5. The name crochet is derived from the Old French term croche, and the germanic version croc, both meaning ‘small hook’
6. They are all crochetiers.
7.The fastest recorded crochetier is Lisa Gentry of the USA, who crocheted a total of 5,113 stitches in 30 minutes.
8. The first printed crochet patterns were from 1824 in the Dutch Magazine Penélopé and were typically luxury patterns for purses of silk thread
9. After experiencing breast cancer and a mastectomy Barbara Demorest found many prostheses were hot and uncomfortable. She’d heard about knitted knockers and asked her friend to make a pair. Realising a need she founded a charity “Knitted Knockers.” Thousands of volunteers across the world create handmade breast prostheses. They offer a free pattern for crocheted boobs.
10. She published over 100 works of crochet, indeed she was first published 1846 at 18 yrs old.

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