Backing A Graphghan

Backing A Graphghan

There a several different ways to finish off a graphghan or photoghan - none of them are the right way. As I often say; the right way is the one that works for you. However, a lot of people have asked what I do so I'm going to share it here.

I back my graphghans with micro fleece because it's thinner and lighter than normal fleece. I like that it doesn't fray so it has the durability something like this will need.

I cut the holes in the fleece with a simple rotary cutter, and then crochet around the fleece. I then crochet around the blanket and finally crochet the two layers together using single crochet.

I think you'll agree its looks really smart. While you can get mirco fleece in an ever increasing array of colors; my advice would always to keep it smart and keep it simple. While a vibrant contrasting color might be fun now, it might not be to everyone's taste ten or twenty years down the line.

And to finish things off...

The Wooly Duck Custom Photoghan by Joanna Rampton

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Can you crochet a backing instead cloth.thank you.

Paula Shaw

I didn’t realize you fleeced your backs. It would be so much easier. I too wondered if it would separate in the wash and get baggy.

Sifre Jennylea

Do you not find the afghan and backing falling away from eachother and getting a bit baggy? I do like this idea!

Jacqui Bennett

How much of the mirco fleece do you use for your graphgans? (approximately)

Suzanne Eagle

This is super helpful, thank you for sharing how you finish off your photoghans. I’ll definitely be doing this with mine to ensure that it survives for many years.

Susy Finkle

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